Surgical Options : Adjustable Gastric Banding

Adjustable Gastric Banding

Gastric banding is a restrictive surgical procedure. During this procedure, two medical devices are implanted in the patient: a silicone band and an injection port. The silicone band is placed around the upper part of the stomach and molds the stomach into two connected chambers. The injection port is attached to the abdominal wall, underneath the skin. The port is connected to the band with soft, thin tubing.

There are two Ajustable Bands available in the United States and at The Surgical Weight Loss Institute, we are pleased have extensive experience in and to offer both bands:

Adjustable Gastric Banding

Dr. de la Cruz-Munoz has been performing the Lap Band procedure since shortly after its FDA approval in 2001. He has placed hundreds of Lap Bands. Gastric banding can help you feel satisfied sooner and with less food, but it won’t eliminate the desire to eat. You will need to follow your specific diet and exercise guidelines provided us to achieve success. Gastric banding requires more intensive follow-up care than most other bariatric surgeries. This is mostly because the band is adjustable. Adjustments are made us in our office using a needle to inject saline solution into your band through the port. Adding saline increases the amount of restriction provided by the band, helping patients feel fuller sooner and with less food. Keep in mind that even after reaching and maintaining your success weight, you will need to follow up qwith us for further evaluations and further adjustments.

Since there is no cutting, stapling or stomach re-routing involved in the banding procedure, it is considered the least traumatic of all weight loss surgeries. The laparoscopic approach to the surgery also offers the advantages of reduced post-operative pain, shortened hospital stay and quicker recovery. If for any reason the band needs to be removed, the stomach generally returns to its original form.

Minimal Trauma

  • Least invasive surgical option
  • No intestinal re-routing
  • No cutting or stapling of the stomach wall or bowel
  • Reduced patient pain, hospital length-of-stay and recovery period

Fewer Risks and Side Effects

  • Significantly lower mortality risk than other obesity surgery procedures
  • Low risk of nutritional deficiencies associated with gastric bypass
  • Reduced risk of hair loss
  • No “dumping syndrome” related to dietary intake restrictions


  • Allows individualized degree of restriction for ideal, long-term weight loss
  • Adjustments performed without additional surgery
  • Supports pregnancy by allowing stomach outlet size to be opened for increased nutritional needs


  • Removable at any time
  • Stomach and other anatomy are generally restored to their original forms and functions Gastric banding patients typically lost an average of 47% of their excess weight.

Your Motivation While the bands are an effective treatment for morbid obesity, the pounds do not come off by themselves. The band is an aid to support you in achieving lasting results by limiting food intake, reducing appetite and slowing digestion. However, your motivation and commitment to adopt a new lifestyle are extremely important for long-term weight loss. New eating habits must be adhered to for the rest of your life. Exercise is an equally important component of a changed lifestyle.

The REALIZE™ Adjustable Gastric Band and REALIZE Injection Port

Dr. de la Cruz-Munoz is a proctor for Ethicon EndoSurgery and teaches surgeons around the US on proper placement and use of the Realize band.