Testimonials : Ivan Carrillo

Ivan Carrillo

My decision to go through with the gastric bypass surgery was made when I was in the hospital for ten days at the age of 42, not knowing whether I was going to live or die. I have a beautiful family and two girls I need to take care of and that’s when I knew that my only choice was to live.

Once I got out of the hospital, I went to one of Dr. de la Cruz-Munoz’s seminars and he motivated me to go through with the surgery. He’s a great surgeon and my recovery was really incredibly. I was up and at ‘em in a week! It took me about six months to really be able to eat everything, but now I’m eating seven times a day between my meals and my healthy snacks. To this day, I’m still visiting Dr. de la Cruz-Munoz every six months and I religiously take all the vitamins that he recommends…thanks to his guidance, I haven’t lost any hair like so many others that have gone through the surgery.

Don’t get me wrong though, being successful after the surgery and changing your bad habits takes a lot of work. I had to eliminate all the things that can kill me…too much food, to much drinking, etc. I have corrected my eating, bettered my cooking, and am on a high-protein diet that consists of lots of seafood. The exercise has been a little bit of a challenge because I’m an amputee, but I still make sure to do 200 sit-ups a day and I make sure to swim as much as I can as well. What’s amazing is that now that I stopped doing everything I used to love that was so bad for me, I don’t even miss it…I went from a 52-inch waist to 32 inches!

Since my surgery, everything is different…I’m healthier, I have more energy, more vitality, and my sex life is great! I can do more with my family, I’m very mobile in my wheel chair, and my heart condition is more manageable. Dinner is also now much more economical since my wife and I can share when we go out…that never used to happen. Unfortunately though, the damage I did to my heart with all those years of unhealthy living is permanent; I do know that I can control it now though. Overall, I’m doing the best I can with what I have.

For anyone that’s thinking of having bariatric surgery, I would recommend doing research before committing to anything. Question it, look into it, and meet people that have through the surgery so you can get an idea of the recovery, pain level, and anything else you might need to know that you hadn’t thought of (an example is the extra skin sticks around after you lost the weight!). For me, the process has been great. I don’t miss anything about my old self and I think I’m set for life, God willing.